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How to reach Ischia

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Ischia is the largest island of the Parthenopean Gulf (including Capri, Procida and Vivara) and is located in the Campania region. It can be easily reached from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli by hydrofoil or ferry in a time ranging from 45 to 90 minutes.










There are two railway stations to reach Naples with Trenitalia: Napoli Centrale or Napoli Piazza Garibaldi. Both stations enable you to have immediate access to Garibaldi, about 4 km far from the port of Naples "Molo Beverello”, easily reachable by TAXI, tram or bus. (N.B. see Taxi and BUS)






From ROME (A1) – From BARI (A16) – From SALERNO (A30)

We recommend reaching the port of NAPLES Calata Porta di Massa, from where only ferries leave (i.e. means carrying passengers and cars). Do not take the ring road, but continue in direction of Naples and follow road directions to Zona Portuale. At some point you will see a sign allowing access only to authorized persons (soli autorizzati). If you have already bought a ferry ticket, you can take that exit to avoid the traffic of the city. If you do not have a ticket, take the exit "Centro - Porto" and follow road directions to the port. Once in Via Marina, look on your left and about 5 km from the highway you will find the Varco Pisacane, which allows you to enter the Calata porta di Massa.

Another solution is to follow the road directions to the Tangenziale (ring road)and continue in direction of Pozzuoli, take theexit Via Campana (exit No 12) and continue towards the port of Pozzuoli, about 4 km far from the ring road. Also from here only ferries leave.




PROS and CONS: Leaving from the port of Pozzuoli is more convenient and the sea journey takes about 20 minutes less than from Naples. Moreover, journeys are more frequent. Cons: the car journey is longer and could be uncomfortable during rush hours.

N.B. The ports of Naples, the highway exit, the ticket offices and the Varco Pisacane are reported on our map. ›› Go to the page.







From Naples Capodichino Airport, you can reach one of the two ports of NAPLES by taxi or by bus. The journey can take from 15 up to 40 minutes, depending on the time, the traffic and the type of transport used. From Capodichino Airport to Molo Beverello, we recommend the Alibus service or a Taxi with predetermined fare. (N. B. See Taxis and BUS).

If your plane lands in Rome, we recommended not to change flight, but to take the High-Speed Train, which will take you shortly to Napoli Centrale at the cost of € 44,00. For connections between Rome Termini and Fiumicino Airport, go to this page.






Who is afraid of taxi fares? To avoid being trapped by the few "clever" taxi drivers of Naples, you should ask the driver at the beginning of your trip how much the predetermined fare is. From Capodichino Airport to Molo Beverello, the trip (including all baggage and additional charges) costs € 19.00, while from the Main Station to Molo Beverello the cost is € 10.50. 

In any case, we also recommend the efficient Alibus service, which connects without any intermediate stops the airport, the train station and the port in 30-35 minutes (depending on traffic). The price per person is only 3, including all baggage; the ticket can be purchased on board by asking the driver. It runs at regularly every 30 minutes from 5.50 am to 11.30 pm every day.

Unfortunately, the stop in Piazza Municipio is slightly away from the hydrofoil embarkation. To simplify your journey, we reported on our map all the Alibus stops and we traced the more suitable way to get from the bus stop in Piazza San Carlo to the ticket office of Molo Beverello. >> Go to the page.

New: FromJune 23 to September 10, you can directly reach Ischia from Rome, at very reasonable fares, thanks to the bus+hydrofoil intermodal service. For information and booking, contact the call center of Naples at +390814972222.





Ischia is connected to the mainland by a shipping service offered by various companies.
Here below we suggest you the links to the pages indicating the timetables, as they frequently change depending on the period of the year.

What we wish to clarify is the difference between the two means of transport: Ferries and Hydrofoils.

The Ferry is slow and big enough to carry passengers and cars. The journey to Ischia takes from a minimum of 60 minutes (starting from Pozzuoli) up to a maximum of 90 minutes. The duration of the journey is greatly affected by the intermediate stop to the island of Procida, which takes about 15 minutes. The ferry is the cheapest means of transport. The price per passenger is around €11-13.

Ferries Medmar

Ferries Caremar

Ferries departure from Calata Porta di Massa which is connected to Molo Beverello by a free bus service.

The Hydrofoil is smaller and faster as it only carries passengers and baggage. The price per passenger is around

16-17. The price for each baggage is 2. Hand bags are free. The hand bags maximum size allowed onboard, which varies depending on the company, is similar to that of planes. In any case, you can always ask at the ticket office.

Hydrofoils ALILAURO, can also be booked online

Hydrofoils SNAV, can also be booked online (NB Arrival in Casamiccola Terme)

Hydrofoils Caremar

Hydrofoils leave from both Molo Beverello and Molo di Mergellina.

N.B. Please note that the ports of Naples and the relative ticket offices are reported on our map. ›› Go to the page.

Only when the sea is rough (never happens in July!) we recommend traveling by ferry in order not to suffer from seasickness, taking seat in the middle of the boat towards the stern.

We recommend not to book hydrofoils. Journeys are very frequent and usually there is no capacity problem. If this unlikely event occurs, you will find another hydrofoil leaving within the next 30-60 minutes.

Some problems may instead occur if you take your car with you, especially on weekends. In this case, we recommend you to book. Medmar offers a good booking service but is more expensive than Caremar.




Thanks to Google Maps, we have created a map where you can find all the locations of the festival, restaurants and arranged hotels, as well as marks indicating the station, the ports, the highway exits and the Alibus stops which we have talked about in these pages. View the map


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