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How to reach Ischia - Hydrofoils and Ferries

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Ischia is connected to the mainland by a shipping service offered by various companies.
Here below we suggest you the links to the pages indicating the timetables, as they frequently change depending on the period of the year.

What we wish to clarify is the difference between the two means of transport: Ferries and Hydrofoils.

The Ferry is slow and big enough to carry passengers and cars. The journey to Ischia takes from a minimum of 60 minutes (starting from Pozzuoli) up to a maximum of 90 minutes. The duration of the journey is greatly affected by the intermediate stop to the island of Procida, which takes about 15 minutes. The ferry is the cheapest means of transport. The price per passenger is around €11-13.

Ferries Medmar

Ferries Caremar

Ferries departure from Calata Porta di Massa which is connected to Molo Beverello by a free bus service.

The Hydrofoil is smaller and faster as it only carries passengers and baggage. The price per passenger is around

16-17. The price for each baggage is 2. Hand bags are free. The hand bags maximum size allowed onboard, which varies depending on the company, is similar to that of planes. In any case, you can always ask at the ticket office.

Hydrofoils ALILAURO, can also be booked online

Hydrofoils SNAV, can also be booked online (NB Arrival in Casamiccola Terme)

Hydrofoils Caremar

Hydrofoils leave from both Molo Beverello and Molo di Mergellina.

N.B. Please note that the ports of Naples and the relative ticket offices are reported on our map. ›› Go to the page.

Only when the sea is rough (never happens in July!) we recommend traveling by ferry in order not to suffer from seasickness, taking seat in the middle of the boat towards the stern.

We recommend not to book hydrofoils. Journeys are very frequent and usually there is no capacity problem. If this unlikely event occurs, you will find another hydrofoil leaving within the next 30-60 minutes.

Some problems may instead occur if you take your car with you, especially on weekends. In this case, we recommend you to book. Medmar offers a good booking service but is more expensive than Caremar.


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